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About Us


*  When it comes to health products, there’s always a new diet, pill or potion promising to transform your body, your health and your wellbeing. 

*  Maybe you’ve spent a small fortune buying up the latest, greatest health products that end up gathering dust in your cupboard, as they didn’t live up to their marketing hype and deliver any tangible results. 

*  It was this frustration, along with a lack of information that led us, the founders of Organax, to create our own superior brand of superfood powders. 

*  With a love of growing natural, organic plants, vegetables and herbs on our family farm in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, it became our mission to make these super-charged, health-giving ingredients available to all. 

*  Not only did we want our powders to taste great, we wanted them to be user friendly too, so that they could be easily incorporated into existing eating habits. Now, everyone can benefit from these incredibly powerful ingredients on a daily basis. 

*  So, no more healthy eating fads or empty promises – just the best quality superfood blends your hard earned money can buy! 

*  As well as providing all of the daily nutrition you need to maintain optimal health, wellness, vitality and clarity, our blends aid a broad spectrum of health ailments and conditions too. 

*  Grown under strict conditions to the highest regulatory standards, we know exactly what’s in our products. And just as importantly, what’s not!

So, why OrganAx above other superfood powder?

*  Organax products offer the most comprehensive blends of health-enhancing ingredients available anywhere. Whether we have combined herbs, fruit, vegetables, superfoods or all of the above, the end productis a highly complex, synergistic nutritional green Superfood for all diets.

*  Each of our products contains a minimum of 22 organic ingredients. This is in synergy with our core base combo of Barley Grass, Spirulina and Wheat Grass, each specially created according to the latest nutritional research.

*  All of our products are certified organic. In fact, over 40% of the ingredients we use come from our very own farm, covering 400 acres of land and all within an organic environment.

*  All of our products are 100% raw, vegan, gluten free and fair trade.

*  We give back! We donate 6% of our total sales each year to charity, including the building of an orphanage close to our farm.

*  Organax is now available in 10 countries and this list is continuing to grow.