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Organic Rice Protein (250g)

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Quick Overview

•High in fibre, thus providing a filling snack 
•Easily digestible
•Full range of amino acids, the building blocks of protein

Product Code : 2086
Size : 250g


Plain Rice Protein is a high quality, low carbohydrate vegetable protein.

This easily digestible protein provides an extensive range of naturally occurring amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Organax Rice Protein Powder is an excellent source of vegan protein. Most people are familiar with soy and whey protein, and while they each provide good nutrition, consuming rice protein has further benefits. 

Unlike Whey protein, which comes from milk and Soy protein, which can be difficult to digest and may pose allergy risks, Rice protein offers a fully vegan, plant-based alternative. Rice Protein is a complete protein as it contains all nine essential amino acids, plus many other nonessential amino acids. Organax Rice Powder is Soil Association certified organic, meaning the rice is cultivated free of pesticides, fertilisers and other contaminants. 

Once dried, it is ground into a fine powder, ready for use.

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