Our journey began 5 years ago, when we designated 400 acres of our farmland to growing our own certified organic crops.

Year 1 & 2 – Preparing the soil

In order to gain official organic certification from the Soil Association, the land had to be kept completely free of vegetation for two years to allow the soil to cleanse itself of pesticides already there from previous farming.

The next step was to build our own reservoir to hold water from the local river 6 miles away. River water is cleaner than local water, which can be contaminated with pesticides from farming. River water also has more nutrients such as algaes and more proteins such as fish eggs, so is more beneficial for the crops. So, we built a small canal from the river to our own purpose-built water reservoir to use on the land.

Year 3 - Seeding Time!!!

We began planting a long list of crops including wheat grass, barley, broccoli, fruit trees including cherry, apple and pommegranate, and much more! (See our ingredients list here). Today, 40% of ingredients in our products we grow ourselves.

We brought bees to the land, encouraging them to thrive. As they move from tree to tree, they leave a trace of honey, making our fruits even tastier.

Year 4 – Time to Reap What We Sowed!

Now, the land is giving back! We are able to pick around 80kg of cherries from just one cherry tree, 50kg of apples from one apple tree and 70kg of pommegranates from one pommegranate tree.

After picking, we dry the produce in our warehouse, before it is transformed into powder. 
Current Day – Sharing the Love!

It’s been a long journey to get to where we are today. We now have a workforce of around 300 people. And we are excited to share our amazing blends with our customers, helping to boost the health and wellness of people everywhere!!

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