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Foodin’s vegan, organic chocolate raisins are sure to enchant just about anyone! The tasty raw chocolate raisin gets its delicious coating from plant-based ingredients.

The chocolate raisin has been a Finnish delicacy for decades, and for many, chocolate raisins take them back to beloved childhood days. Foodin raw chocolate raisins take you back to joyous summer memories, birthday parties and family movie nights filled with laughter.

Chocolate raisins are a wonderful treat just as they are, but they’re also a great tool in baking and making your favourite desserts! Chocolate raisins can be added to pastries, and they can be used as the finishing touch and decoration on top of dessert dishes.


You could say that raw chocolate is the heart of Foodin. The cacao beans used in our chocolate products are always cultivated sustainably. The beans are farmed with forest farming that supports biodiversity and ensures the farmers their livelihoods in more than just one way. Foodin’s authentic, velvety soft. raw chocolate originates in the depths of the Amazonian rainforest.

The Raw Chocolate Raisin is made in our own factory in Vaajakoski, the Finnish capital of chocolate raisins! The chocolate raisins are made using renewable solar energy.

The raw chocolate is prepared in a traditional stone ground-mill, where giant stones grind the ingredients into a velvety mass over the course of two to three days. The low temperature of the process (under 42 degrees Celsius) ensures that all the properties of the cacao bean are preserved in the final product. The gentle stone ground -process makes the texture of the chocolate particularly soft. As the last step, we coat the organic raisins in the soft chocolate.


Organic, vegan, gluten free, no additives or preservatives.

Manufactured in a facility that processes nuts (cashew, Brazil nut, pecan, pistachio, macadamia, hazel and walnuts), almonds, sesame seeds and whey protein (from milk).


Raisin* 60%, raw chocolate* 40% (cacao bean*, coconut sugar*, cacao butter*)






Energy: 1 348,4 kJ /322,6 kcal
Fat: 8g
-saturated fat: 5,18g
Carbohydrates: 57,88g
-sugars: 54,7g
Fibre 9,13g
Protein: 4,7g
Salt: 0,16g

Quality promise

Our products are a result of careful and quality selection, from the source of the raw material to the packaging and delivery of the product. Our quality is based on strict criteria and monitoring in all stages of production. We have been choosing the longer road, so your road toward good choices is easier.

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Better food for a better tomorrow

Foodin is a Finnish family business that produces and imports organic and natural foods and delicacies. We want to enable and promote a better food culture and offer everyone the opportunity to choose and feel better. The basic principle of our products is simple: they must be good for the wellbeing of the consumer, the farmer and the environment. By choosing our products, you can enjoy high-quality products and be sure of their sustainability and production. With your choice, you support Nordic and Finnish craftsmanship and entrepreneurship as well as provide a better future for farmers and their families.

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