Can Superfoods Really Make You Beautiful?

Can Superfoods Really Make You Beautiful?

We all know that what we eat directly impacts our health, but did you know that diet plays a huge part in how we look too? Our skin, hair, nails and weight are directly linked to the food that we put in your mouth.

Did you spend the summer worrying about the amount of skin you had to expose on a daily basis? Are you longing for the dark days of winter - when a chunky jumper so perfectly conceals those unwanted pounds & dry pale skin - or are you just at a loss when it comes to making yourself look better?

You could head to the gym, drink more water, reach for the fake tan or exfoliate from head to toe. Perhaps face masks, body scrubs, creams, lotions & potions are the answer to all your prayers. Perhaps not.

The fact is, if you’re eating the right foods, you’ll notice a difference in your appearance almost immediately.

High quality proteins, healthy carbs & oils, fibre and raw fruits & veg are all credited with supporting healthy skin and can definitely help shift that extra bit of weight. So how do we incorporate these beauty boosting superfoods into our daily diets?

Citrus fruits are a great place to start. Lemons detoxify the body and help eliminate waste. Start the day with lemon in hot water and notice clearer brighter skin after just one week. Grapefruits are also an ideal breakfast food as can lower insulin levels and stop our bodies from storing fat. Many nutritionists are so confident in the powers of this tangy fruit that they claim eating just half of one every morning can equal 1 pound of weight loss per week!

Snack on Blueberries for their anti-ageing properties, Oranges for the massive amount of satisfying fibre they provide and Almonds for their skin boosting benefits. Full of Vitamin E (which you’ll find in any night cream worth its salt), almonds fight dryness and signs of ageing by protecting skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Sweet Potatoes are rich in beta-carotene starches which help to combat lacklustre complexions. The skin brightening combination of Vitamin A & Vitamin C neutralises tissue damaging free radicals that cause that dreaded dulling effect. Other healthy carbs to include in your diet are Brown Rice and Oats. Both help to boost metabolism, burn fat and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Black Beans & Quinoa should be your go-to proteins. Ridiculously low in saturated fats but incredibly satisfying, they’ll help curb those snack attacks.

Chia Seeds provide the perfect balance of essential fatty acids to help skin glow and for vegetables you can’t beat Broccoli and Spinach. High in Vitamin A, which is crucial for healthy skin & hair, spinach even has the ability to build & maintain COLLAGEN – which everyone knows is this year’s worst kept beauty secret!

And for those looking for a more convenient way to consume these superfoods, every Organax Superfood Powder Blend contains all you need to stay healthy & beautiful.

So yes, of course exercise and drink water, but most importantly, eat well to be beautiful – inside & out!

After all, we are what we eat!