Why Go Organic?

Why Go Organic?

Why Go Organic When Buying Health Food Powders

By Nutritional Therapist and Research Scientist, Karin Seidler

Health-supporting food powders provide a great way to integrate essential nutrients into our day-to-day diets. In fact, green powders and other superfoods such as maca or spirulina/reishi are becoming increasingly popular…

However, with today’s environmental pollution and depleted soils, even a ‘healthy’ powder might not provide all of the essential vitamins and minerals we need. So, just as choosing organic is better when buying fruit and veg, this principle applies to health food powders too. Here’s why:

1. Choosing organic health food powders can help you boost your nutrient levels while helping the environment too. Organic farms protect natural resources and help to conserve biodiversity.

2. Organic health food powders are free from preservatives, chemicals (pesticides, hormones antibiotics, GMO) and fertilisers - all of which can be found in non-organic food. In fact, the UK government found high levels of pesticides in common foods including baby foods, bread, spinach and chips.

3. Organic foods reduce the exposure to harmful toxins. Chemical residues can seriously impact our health and have been linked to various problems, such as heart disease, osteoporosis and headache.

4. Certified organic brands follow strict requirements and provide superior quality products. Organax superfood powders, for instance, are Soil Association certified –a quality assurance that all ingredients are grown to the strictest regulatory standards.

5. Non-organic fruit and veg are grown in soil that is often depleted of nutrients. This means that powders will be lower in nutrients too.

6. The processes behind the manufacturing of organic crops is generally of high standard as well. For instance, Soil Association certification means that fields for your products have to be let to rest without any vegetation for 2 years or that used water is regularly tested for pesticide contamination.

7. Certified organic generally means brands are more ‘conscious’ or ethical in the way crops and their products are produced. This is to ensure the end user will benefit from a truly healthy product.

8. Organic foods tend to taste better! Why? Well-tended and well-balanced soil creates healthier, stronger crops full of flavour-enhancing phytonutrients, essential vitamins and minerals.

9. Preservation of soil and crops helps keep farmland healthy and intact, thus preserving our ecosystems too.

10. Purchasing organic powders help to reduce pollution and contamination of our water supply.

Karin Seilder is Nutritional Therapist and Research Scientist as well as ambassador for Organax, a Soil Association certified organic superfood powder range. www.organax.co.uk.